Pen & Ink


"Angel With the Flaming Sword" was done simply as an experiment with colored inks using a "Rapidiograph"  This became the foundation for the new pictures "Circle Angel" and "Guarding Eden"   
"Unclean Lips"  was a quick pen and ink drawing inspired by the passage found in Isaiah 6.  The angel takes the tongs and a coal from off the alter in order to cleanse the lips of the prophet.  This is where two well known phrases are found, "Woe is me" and :"Here am I.  Send me!"
"Psalm1" is one of my favorite psalms and one that I have committed to memory.  This is available as a print as well as a greeting card in half fold format.  It makes a great greeting card or present.  On the inside fold of the card the entire psalm 1 which is only 6 verses long is printed. 


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