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This is a collection of miscellaneous drawings with no particular theme.  My purpose in illustration, especially Bible Illustration is to communicate the truths behind Christianity and to cause people to think.  Behind each illustration is a message.  The message comes from the Bible and from the life of Jesus.  Should you have questions please feel free to contact me about the picture.  I will be pleased to respond as time allows.  In the first picture, "Nothing But the Blood" the detergent that Jesus is pouring into the washing machine is hand painted on each illustration.  I love this one because people look at it and say, "What is the guy doing in the washing machine."  I hold my peace until that say "Oh, I get it."  The second illustration is very personal.  When Jesus died on the cross, all that people that stood around taunted him saying, "If you the Son of God, get yourself down off the cross.  Even the thief mocked Jesus.  Others said, He saved others but himself he could not save.  Fact of the matter is that he refused to save himself for you and for me.  Love held him to the cross and my sin, for if I had never sinned he never would have had to die."  Links will be provided for audio messages if you would like to hear them. Part of my goal in providing the web site is to become an art evangelist communicating the message through the written word, the spoken word and the word of God in pictures. 


"Nothing But the Blood"

People often when they see this picture stare at it wondering why the guy is in the washing machine. On closer examination they realize its true meaning. See Heb 9:22

"My Sin"

Before I became a Christian I believed that the death of Christ was a great tradegy. How could they put such a good man to death. Later I learned that Jesus gave himself willingly to pay for MY sin. It was my sin that held him to the cross. See Matt. 26:43, John 10:17-18

"Me and My House"

See Joshua 24:15. It's really a great passage.

"Guarding Eden"

In the mid 1970's Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young released an album with the song "Woodstock" part of which the lyrics said "we've got to get back to the garden", an amazing lyric. To learn how we lost it read - Gen 3:1-24. The image is take from verse 24.

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