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What is the revelation project?  This is how it all began.  I wanted to illustrate the entire book of Revelation verse by verse through images found on the internet.  I was unable to find the images I needed.  My intention was not just to illustrate the various scenes but also some of the truths behind the verses and what they were teaching.  Finally in frustration I thought, well if they don't exist, I will just draw them.  Here are some of the results - rough sketches.  It is still my goal to do the entire book of Revelation verse by verse.  Four of the thumbnails are from Rev 12:7 "And there was war in heaven".  The thumbnails are numbered from left to right and from top to bottom.  I have inserted a table which tells which verse of the book for revelation inspired the drawing.


Title Scripture Reference
War in Heaven - "Bottoms Up" Revelation 12:7
"Let him hear!" Revelation 2:17
"Come Up Here" Revelation 4:1
"Man in the mirror" Revelation 3:17
"The Everlasting Gospel" Revelation 14:6
War in Heaven - "Flip Goes the Weasel" Revelation 12:7
War in Heaven - "Say Uncle" Revelation 12:7
Teraphim - "Head of a Man" Revelation 4:6-7
Teraphim - "Head of an Eagle" Revelation 4:6-7
Teraphim - "Head of an Ox" Revelation 4:6-7
Teraphim - "Head of Lion" Revelation 4:6-7

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